Month: June 2017


Planning A Visit To New York? Here’s How To Make It Exceptional!

newyork city

The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, and the Staten Island Ferry; these are the places a typical New York visit covers. There is no denial of the fact that all these are must visit spots. For information on the latest trends in travel and experience check out the website of If Only. If you had something extra to add to your fun, wouldn’t it be nice? Here is a list of a few quirky activities that you can try out in New York to make your trip remarkable!

You may not find these places in the best-ranked destinations of, but does that really matter? Continue reading only if you do not wish to follow the crowd and fun and fresh experiences are what you are looking for!

Master the trapeze!
You may have heard people speaking about their experiences with bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, etc. Have you heard anyone boasting about their trapeze skills after their New York trip? Chances are less! So why not try it out? Schedule a class at Trapeze School New York and savor in the glory of flying through the air!

Why not create a pizza on your own?
The super delicious pizza in New York is something which you should never miss. But wait! Don’t just sample a slice and come back! You have huge possibilities ahead; you can learn to make pizza on your own. Yes! Pizza a Casa Pizza School gives classes on making traditional pizza. You can learn the magic of taste and recreate it back home! So make it a point not to miss it.

Relish the yummy dumplings in Chinatown!
Chinatown, with its busy streets full of local specialties, is a must visit place for any New York visitor. Don’t forget to gratify your taste buds with Chinese delicacies. Enjoy Chinese candies and delicious dumplings!

No better way to explore than a scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunts are fun and interesting ways to explore the city. The hunt involves sending out participants on a mission in the city. There would be clues and cast members to help them along the way. This would be totally unique and entertaining experience for you

Visit Green-Wood Cemetery
Cemetery visit during a vacation? You would be rolling your eyes at this thought! But Green-Wood is much more than a cemetery. This 478-acre cemetery is an architectural marvel which you can enjoy. Just take a stroll through this cemetery enjoying the beauty of history. You are sure to fall in love with the magnificent ponds, hills, valleys and the awesome pathways.

Laugh your heart out at an improv show
Broadway Performances of New York are famous! But as you are traversing a different path, try out something else. Improv comedy show at any of the great theatres in New York is a brilliant choice. They are also less expensive when compared to Broadway performances. You can enjoy some real fun time for $10 or less!

Of course, there would be more to add to the list. Try to explore more! Make sure you do not miss out anything listed here! Have an unusual trip!

Propane & Electric Heaters- A Comparison

electric heater

In this recessive economy, many people are looking for ways to scrimp and save every single penny. One great way to save on your electric bill is to invest in alternative heating system namely the top forced air propane heater from a reputed supplier. To know more about this innovative heating system, homeowners can browse the website which explains the benefits of propane heating system over the traditional electric heating system. This article is primarily intended to educate these homeowners about the advantages of using the propane heaters in homes.

Basic difference- Propane Vs Electric heater

Now let us explore some of the benefits of purchasing a propane gas wall heaters and what exactly you could get out of this worthy investment. If you are one of the many people that own an electric heater, you will probably encounter some hassles with those electric cords tripping you up everywhere. This is eliminated in a propane gas wall heater as there are no cords for you to get tripped up in. It also will open up your immensely as electric heaters usually take up a lot of room.

In a technical sense, both these heaters work in different processes. The propane based heater works with a fuel based system namely the hydrocarbon, which is stored in a high-pressure tank, which can be burned to produce heat energy. On the other hand, the electric heater works with a power source which gets electrical energy from the main power grid and produces heat. Hence electric heater cannot be portable as it has to be attached to the power source all the time to function adequately. Propane heaters are highly portable and can be taken anywhere as per the convenience of the users. The aspect of portability makes a difference between these two types of wall heaters.

Propane heaters are found to be too good at heating areas that don’t get as much ventilation or that are not properly insulated. They do not have to be connected to a gas line externally but instead to a tank of propane gas that sits outside on the property. You should also take some other safety measures seriously like always making sure heaters are put on even surfaces.

Do a complete research

One great idea is to research online. This way, you can see many different options available to you at once, and they will have all the prices listed right on the website. Just a quick online search should bring up a whole lot of web pages for you to research and compare your propane wall heaters. There are just a few things that you need to consider when you are researching your propane wall heater, just be sure that it fits into space on your wall you want it to. Measuring before buying is a great idea and you want to compare and contrast pricing. If you are one of the people who are considering making a switch to an alternative heater, you should think about using a propane heater.